The first time I used a camera, at ten or twelve years old, it was a little point and shoot given to me by my dad.  I saw the world in a different way; a way I’d never seen before.  From that moment on, my eye started to develop on the things I like to photograph.  Today, that list has only grown. 

I enjoy looking back at photos…how we all change and life changes, and how we don’t see it until we enjoy the reminisce of looking at those photos.  I feel this to be a big part of why I enjoy photography so much—what we all look like, what we are doing at that moment, where we are at that same moment, what our world looks like.  We don’t notice our world much of the time.  We’re all running here and there and we don’t notice our world until something changes seemingly overnight.  A lot of this world is so pretty, interesting, and enjoyable to see and we forget to appreciate it.

Attitude and personality shown in photographs makes them more interesting and engaging.  I try to encourage and capture that and make it fun.  It doesn’t have to always be a perfect pose or the perfect prettiest smile. 

Although this all related to portraits of all kinds and seemingly not much else, but…light itself, I am always looking and watching.  Light plays a very important role in our environment and our world, in nature AND photography—it’s all impossible without light.  Over the years, I’ve learned to appreciate light…what it’s “doing”, is it reflecting off of something, is it being scattered and highlighting different things/areas at the same time, is it harsh or soft and beautiful, is it backlighting someone or something?  Light always travels in a straight line—that is where we get shadows and highlights…light can be bounced where it is absent. 

I feeling inspired when and simply because I’m always learning, and trying to step out of my comfort zone to try and learn new things, concepts, and techniques.